If you’re thinking of adding an extension to your home, then you might be considering getting a conservatory or an orangery. You might know the differences between the two, but you may be having a hard time making a decision. Conservatories and orangeries are huge selling products for house extension buyers and they have been highly popular for many years. This is especially so for homeowners that are thinking of selling their property.

To help you understand the main differences between the two here is some more information.



The most noticeable feature in an orangery is the visual aspect of it, such as the solid brick pillars, a lantern roofing system, and it can be either stone or brick based. In addition to this, orangery roofs contain less than 75% glass and the orangery can still provide the occupants with light and an airy feel. Another amazing feature that an orangery has, is that it can be designed in the way that you desire, which means that you can choose the shape and size to suit your tastes. An orangery has the thermal performance with a great roofing system.



On the other hand, conservatories are usually utilised as a luxury living space, as a conservatory is noticeable by the glass and brick walls and it normally contains at least 75% glazing. The outstanding feature of a conservatory is the fact how flexible the conservatory design can be. This is proven by the popular conservatory styles like Victorian, P-shaped, Lean-to, and more. In addition to this, these styles can imply that you can easily find a style that will suit your taste and it adds value to your home at the same time. Also, of course, it can massively increase your house space.



Both of these have their own unique beneficial aspects and have their own downfall; however, it all depends on what you prefer. Also, here at Bridgnorth Windows, we offer many design styles and colours for both conservatories and orangeries. Not to mention, we also have a 10-year guarantee for both these products.


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