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From the Real Bridgnorth Windows


From the Real Bridgnorth Windows


From the Real Bridgnorth Windows

Conservatories By Ultraframe From The Real Bridgnorth Windows

The Real Bridgnorth Windows have over 21 years experience in erecting conservatories in the West Midlands, Shropshire and Worcestershire area.

A conservatory quickly becomes the hub of any room; the room that everyone wants to be in, the best room in the house. Cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool, it’s no longer just a room for summer, nor does it have a specific purpose. Teaming the views of the outdoors with the comfort and ambience of the indoors; perfect for any occasion.

To ensure the conservatory and your home are a good match:

  • Lead your conservatory off a room that you use much, like your kitchen or living room
  • Don’t compromise on the size of your conservatory
  • Don’t let the shape of your house be disturbed by your conservatory
  • Decide on a conservatory shape that will enhance the outlook of your home
  • Try to match the construction materials of your conservatory with the ones used for your home
  • Try to match the colour of your conservatory with the colours used for your home
  • Take interesting details like bargeboards and unusually shaped windows into the design of your conservatory.

Which style of conservatory is right for your house ?

A conservatory should always enhance your home as much as possible, whether it be from the outside or from inside. That’s why location and size of the conservatory are very important. A conservatory should fit in with your room plan. For example, if the kitchen is at the back of the house, a conservatory that doubles up as a dining room or a breakfast room is ideal to be positioned off the kitchen area. If your living room faces the garden, a sun lounge could easily be added to enhance the use of the garden and get more light into your living area. A conservatory of a room that is not used much is a conservatory that will not be used much.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the conservatory. A lot of people, to cut costs, opt for a smaller conservatory. This is usually not a good idea, as it will take away a lot of the comfort that a conservatory can give. A good tip is to lay out the area you want to use for the conservatory with for example twigs, rope or tape measure, and fill it with the things you want in your conservatory, like a dining table, a sofa and plants. Then see if you have as much space as you would like.

Another major decision in the beginning of your conservatory building process to decide what sort of design would go best with the shape of your house. It is also important to consider whether the conservatory would be visible from the main road. If it is, it is of the utmost importance not to let the conservatory disturb the symmetry of the house (Edwardian houses especially are very symmetrical). Round the back of the house conservatory design can be a bit more extravagant, as within a private space personal taste can have a bigger influence.

Taking shape and size into consideration, farmhouses and cottages usually have a very low roof. Conservatories therefore cannot be connected in a straightforward way, as the overall roof would be too low. A solution here is to use a box gutter to ensure a higher roof pitch in the conservatory, or to place the conservatory at the side of the house.

Large detached houses have the most scope for conservatory design. Conservatories can either be completely connected to the house or made to look separate from the house by using a little corridor or lobby to connect conservatory and house, whichever design is more appropriate.

Victorian houses are quite different in design. The front shines in bay windows and elaborate cornices and porches. Around the back the walls are quite straightforward and simple, making it an ideal backdrop for great conservatory design. As the ground floor of Victorian houses usually contains high ceilings and big windows, a conservatory will have no problem with blending in. In this type of houses, kitchens are usually in the back, overlooking the garden, so a kitchen-dining conservatory is a great possibility.

Not only the shape of the conservatory is important, also the colour and the materials the conservatory is made of can either enhance or spoil the look of the end result. In both wood and PVCu, a lot of colours are available nowadays, and PVCu can even be made to look as a wood grain, so there is really no reason to choose the wrong colour for your conservatory. You can choose to match it with your existing window colour, for example, or the colour of your house. Especially if you have a white plastered house, a white conservatory will add to the elegance of your home. If your home has timber windows or a thatched roof, it might be worth considering a timber conservatory in the same type of wood as the windows or at least a PVCu wood grain conservatory to match the roof as well as possible. What is also important is to have a look at your home and detect any architectural features that, when copied in your conservatory design, would enhance the look of your property. Examples are unusually shaped or leaded windows, carved bargeboards or finials. All these little details will improve the overall finish of your conservatory, so take the time to establish which details you want to incorporate.

Conservatories To Your Design

A conservatory is a cost effective and enjoyable way to add light and space to your home, and domestic conservatories are exempt from mainstream Building Regulations and Planning permissions.

Quality Installation

If you decide to purchase from us we will survey your property for the new windows and go through the methods of the installation. Leaving you comfortable with your choice on such a large investment to your property

Our Experience

Over 21 years experience in installing Double Glazing, uPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories. The company’s reputation is gained from sound experience and a wide expertise in the installation of conservatories, windows, doors and patio doors.

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We offer such a large selection of styles, finishes and glazing that it would be impossible to guess your exact choice that’s why we give no high pressure quotations.

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We are a WHICH Trusted Trader and we offer a 10 Year Guarantee with Glass & Glazing Federation Insurance (GGFi) as endorsed by FENSA.


All our products are manufactured to exceed British Security Standards and meet the Official Police Security Initiative. So wherever you are, your family and possessions will be safe with us.

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