What Are Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors are the newest trend, especially with this summer; British weather has been scorching the UK. Bi-fold doors are more favoured than ever since they allow the maximum amount of light through your house. While, at the same time it offers you, your solitude, safety and it is suitable for any homes or even businesses. Adding onto that, bi-folding doors from Bridgnorth Windows are made from Origin premium grade aluminium which can offer the most stylish and elegant entrances to your garden and offer benefits during season changes.

Does your house have the advantages of our Origin bi-folding doors and the benefits it could bring to your home? Well, let me tell you the beneficial gains your home can receive from Bi-fold doors.


Modern Aesthetic Looks

Bridgnorth Windows’s Bi-fold doors are exclusively designed and developed to measure a big range of sliding and folding changes to suit your property. Our customers love the fact that we offer a wide range of styles such as sleek, traditional, modern and there are many more. That’s not all; it can vary between a modern glass wall to an extensive gateway to your dazzling garden.


Safety and Security

Here at Bridgnorth window’s, we offer maximum protection, as the Easifold 3000 system offers very high security, it allows wider openings and varied range of colours. Additionally, it is very secure as it has a locking system and the hinges are advanced, safe, trustworthy and long-lasting. So you can be relaxed and be comfortable without having to worry about someone breaking into your house. Additionally, at Bridgnorth Windows, we offer 20 years guarantee to our Origin Bi-folding doors so our customers are satisfied. 


Maximum Light Exposure

Our Origin Bi-fold doors are outstanding at allowing light in your home, even when it is closed it acts like a wall of glass, therefore allowing more light into the room than a normal window or door. In addition, when opening the Bi-fold doors they entirely fold away, therefore eliminating all barriers from amongst the sun and your home. Just by adding our Origin Bi-folding doors customers can feel the difference it can make and they truly feel like their house has gone through a transformation just by this addition.


Saving Space

Another benefit from our Origin Bi-fold doors is that it can save so much space since they can fold away when it is opened up. Therefore, it is so effective at saving space in your home and it doesn’t look cramped at. Comparing this to the French doors which have been popular in these past years, you have to open every single panel to open with these doors, therefore, taking up a lot more space. On the other hand, the Bi-fold doors can fold way tidily to the edge of the frame.



Here at Bridgnorth Windows’s our Origin Bi-folding doors are made from Origin premium grade aluminium, it is custom made to suit customer’s stratification. Origin premium grade aluminium Bi-fold doors can achieve very effectively through the season changes, for example, in summer they won’t distort and bend in the heat. Adding to that, it is very unlikely it will be torn apart and looks dull. Therefore, these doors are very stable and durable, and it comes with a 20-year guarantee.  


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