There are two common types of exterior doors, the French door, and the sliding patio door, but which one is the best? Both of these door designs provide a lot of benefits and we will compare the French doors and sliding doors to help you determine which suits your home the best. To help you choose the perfect patio door style for your home, we will take a look at the advantages and the differences between these doors.


Benefits of a French Door 

When it comes to finding exterior doors, French doors are one of the most popular styles of patio doors due to their space-saving advantages. With French doors, you can fully open both sets of doors and let in more natural light which effectively brings the outdoors into your home.

Here are some of the great benefits of a French door:

  • There are a wide variety of styles for you to choose from, such as hardwood, softwood, or oak.
  • The hinges can also be customised to be colour co-ordinated to suit your preferences.
  • These French doors are multi-layered with timber to provide extra security and they are also warp-resistant.
  • Incredibly efficient glazing to minimize heat loss and draughts.
  • Features great security features such as multi-point locks, hooks, bolts, and deadlocks.


Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors 

Sliding patio doors are also praised for their space-saving benefits as they do not require any space to account for the door arc when opening. These doors simply slide on top of each other to provide a seamless entryway into your garden.

Here are some of the impressive benefits of a sliding door:

  • These sliding patio doors are fitted with composite gaskets to provide optimal thermal insulation.
  • Modern sliding doors provide great safety and security, as most are now equipped with shatterproof safety glass.
  • Sliding doors can be moved easily on their rails. To open these doors, simply push them aside and they will glide on top of the other door.
  • These doors allow a good flow of indoor and outdoor light. They provide great visibility into the outdoors all-year-round.
  • Installing these doors enhances your home with a sleek and elegant look, whilst providing great functionality that helps to maximise natural light.


Differences Between French Doors & Sliding Patio Doors 

French doors and sliding doors have a few key design differences that can help dictate which door is best for your home. First of all, a French door has a wider door frame so it visually has the traditional style which some property owners may desire more for their homes. Additionally, French doors and sliding patio doors have different hardware which means that they both feature different locks and handles, ultimately, they function slightly differently. Sliding doors use less space, so this is more ideal for an area in your home that does not have much space, whereas, with a French door, you will need to account for the door arc when opening.


Custom Design       

Here at Bridgnorth Windows, you can choose the choice of wood for your French door, such as hardwood, softwood or even oak. The French door is multi-layered with wrap resistant timber and has changeable colour coordinated hinges. They also feature high security with a multi-point locking system. On the other hand, the sliding patio doors are design to look sleek and elegant. They maximise the amount of natural sunlight coming into your house due to their large glass surface area. The sliding patio door also has high security with the multi-point locking mechanisms. Additionally, Bridgnorth Windows offers a 10-year guarantee on these doors.


Which is Better?

So, which is the best? Ultimately, the answer will depend on your preferences and your needs, however, both of these doors make magnificent additions to any home. If you need a patio door that is cost effective and doesn’t take up much space, then the sliding patio door will be the best option. However, if you desire a traditional look and have the extra space, then going with the French patio door could be the right option for you. Anyway, with all the customization and benefits that Bridgnorth Windows offers you can’t go wrong.


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