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Stop Stings & Bites With A Fly Screen From The Real Bridgnorth Windows

Our fly screens will reduce the ingression of insects (and related germs) into any room. Creating a barrier to Mosquito, Wasp, Bees and Flies (bites and stings) and that spread germs by walking and laying eggs on your food.

Our fly screens are designed to last. For piece of mind, we offer a limited lifetime warranty to domestic customers which, covers the mechanical parts of your screen.

We want you to relax safe in the knowledge, that your new screens are fitted to ensure 100% protection.

Mosquitoes, Moths, Wasps, Bees and Flies all breed outside of the home feeding on decaying flora, fauna and animal faeces. These Roller Screens are the most effective and fastest way to stop insects from getting into your home and can be fitted by trained installers nationwide within two weeks following a no obligation home survey

Roller Fly screens also give you the added benefit of keeping the mesh clean and protected inside the aluminium housing when not in use. The screens and housings can be cleaned with hot soapy water to ensure they remain germ free.

Each of the screens have been engineered fit most doors and windows and can be mounted, inside or outside your property. Our installers will advise the best way to discreetly screen 100% of the opening.

Our screen housing and tracks can also be made in any colour or wood grained to match your home. White and hardwood brown is always in stock for a fast response.

Our most popular applications are kitchen window and doors, conservatories, bedrooms and bathrooms. However we can fit to any door or window.

The fly screen mesh is made of fibreglass and comes in a number of grades to ensure insects can not get through. The screens also help to reduce heat build up and fabric fading, by shading as well as providing ventilation.

Our mosquito screens can also comply with all the rules set out by Environmental Health Officers with regard to food preparation in Commercial Kitchens.

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